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Use Cases

These are some industry use cases where TradeFlows makes commerce more liquid and certain 

Laying Bricks

Construction Industry

The construction industry relies heavily on cashflows and when that's under pressure, builders and their suppliers get liquidated and we see this play out locally and overseas.


Using TradeFlows, the process of creating collateralised payment streams is combined with cutting edge measurement technologies to provide the verification that counterparties require to ensure that work is paid for as it gets done leading to better mangement of liquidity risk.

Gig Economy Work

Giving more autonomy and ownership back to those working in the gig economy. No major fees for the work they do and a greater ability to KNOW they are getting paid and will be paid for their efforts. We remove the uncertainty they have of waiting to get paid because we show them the other side has funded the payment and that these payments are streaming to them.


Better yet, with a ratings system, they can see the reputation of the other side and how collaborative they are.


They don't have to worry about setting up wallets either as they can utilise a web2 experience they're already used to thanks to our on-ramp off-ramp partners.

Delivery Service
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