Invoice creation and payment settlement quickly and easily. 

Our prototype due for release later this year.



Our dashboard gives users the ability to view their various Inflows and Outflows as well as the various statistics around these payments (such as their top counterparties, liquidity risk and more).

Users can view their payments in terms of what is available and what is locked and this is split into their fiat and crypto (stablecoin) amounts.

Dashboard Analytics

Users are able to get analytics of their transactions, see who their top counterparties are and additional analytics which can help them better understand their expected cashflows and where areas of their business may be seeing more liqudity risk.


New Trade

Users can initiative a new trade with any wallet they decide to share with. They can add messages to these trades and decide on how many stages of the trade there will be as well as how the trades are to be split up (including amount, maturity and any collateralisation required).


At any point in time, users can choose to withdraw from their payment streams and the amount which they wish to pull out of the trade.


Accept Trade

If your counterparty creates a trade for you to accept, you'll see this sent to you for approval.


View the terms, choose to accept, reject or amend the trade. If acceptable, you can then deposit collateral to inititate the trade and you'll see the streaming payments begin from the date/time you start them.


Similar to withdrawing, at any point in time, users can choose to deposit extra currency into the trade to increase the collateral and ensure the trade continues.


Remember, the counterparty can see if money is being deposited and may choose to halt work if no further collateral is entered as needed.