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TradeFlows is the next stage of 
Decentralised Commerce 

Our Core web3 protocol offers certainty and transparency through instantly settled, streaming and collateralised payments



Create trades that describe the agreement with your counterpart including deliverables / services, payment schedules or subscriptions, etc



Issue transferable and tradable invoices with pre-programmed payments



Flowing payments where value is transferred every second until a target is met or go old school with bullets payments



Secure and collateralised payments in transparent self-custody accounts to optimise timely liquidity access

Our goal is to deliver transparency and liquidity to supply chains globally

The Problem

Liquidity gets locked up in all the wrong places

The lack of transparency across the entire transactional workflow / supply chain creates high levels of uncertainty that increases funding costs of working capital over all.


Not knowing when a payment will settle, even if it has been approved, increases the funding costs of this transactional risk. Increased funding cost is a friction that affects the entire supply chain.

Liquidity must flow to be efficient

Instant settlements, self-custody collateral, flowing payments and border-less transparency. Anything else is unacceptable and detrimental...

The Solution

TradeFlows allows your to focus on business instead of chasing liquidity

TradeFlows is a service that propels businesses to the instantaneous and continuous world of decentralised commerce. In TradeFlows, it all starts with one click to issue an invoice, then send it to your counterpart for them to attach a set of bullet or flowing payments to the invoice.

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